The UNschool

An anti-disciplinary approach

The UNschool intends to break the shackles of compartmentalization of knowledge as technical, theory, design and dive deep into the holistic understanding of contexts. This year we have curated the SPATIAL theme.

Beyond disciplines.....Anti-discipline

A seed (dot_1 dimension) sprouts and seeks the sun and water (line_2 dimension). It traces its path and opens up its leaves for life. As it grows it encompasses volume and encapsulates space (3 dimensions). ACEDGE Summer UNschool heralds spaces in all dimensions.
This summer UNschool we shall delve in the relations of space and design.
As we embrace the concept of anti-discipline and move towards a holistic understanding of contexts, we understand how different forms of art and design view space. This is about allied fields and their association with space. There are two parts to it, lecture series and studios. 
The feature spotlight series- are about lectures, assignments, and discussions. 
One spotlight every week, and two days per spotlight. One part will focus on the two Dimensional variants in the design of textiles and the use of space in fashion, one part will look at the relations between music, dance, drama, and three dimensional space, one will look at information technology and discuss digital designs and algorithms in architecture and the last will look at human psychology and connect it with design of everyday architecture. 

These will be complemented by two mediums of communication, one textual other visual, both capturing and expressing space. 
Writing( 2weeks) and photography (2weeks).

Recordings for self-paced learning available at Rs 2400/-