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Design in the Digital Domain

With the advent of the information age, the world has become a dynamic ecosystem producing enormous amount of DATA, considered as one of the world's most valuable resource.We live in a digital society. From the cars we drive to the spaces we occupy, our physical as well as social world is now completely altered by the presence of technology. This ACEDGE Summer UNSchool, let's understand the scope and impact of data and technology in the design domain.


Pranav Kashyap

Pranav Kashyap is an architect and advanced designer from Bangalore, India. A thesis gold medallist from BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Ar. Pranav pursued his Masters in Advanced Architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) in Barcelona, Spain. He was part of the Intelligent Cities Studio at the Urban Sciences lab, which worked on the theory of Centripheries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was also a graduate teaching assistant for GIS and Computational design for the X_Urban Design studio. He graduated in June 2018 with the Advanced Knowledge Student Excellence Award with co-author Merve Savatli for their research on The Transmogrification of Capitalism in Istanbul. After graduation he worked with Ar. Vicente Guallart , former chief architect for the city of Barcelona, as an advanced designer for various urban design competitions in China. Ar. Kashyap has been a guest speaker at various platforms and is currently a visiting faculty at the SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bangalore. His main areas of interest are Data driven design, Architecture in the digital age, The theory of the Age of Imagination and experience and Advanced Urban Studies.

Spotlight take-aways

  • Explore different trans-disciplinary domains of design to break away from them.

  • Build a deeper understanding of data driven design.

  • Rethink the future of technology in architecture and design.

Objective for the course

The course aims at exploring the world of design in the age of information. Its primary objective is to develop an understanding of how technology has blurred the boundaries of the scope for all design allied fields.

Framework of the course

The basic framework of the course is to deduce the relationship of data and technology with design and allied fields by taking examples of algorithm-aided-design , digital fabrication, data informed urban design, sensor controlled spaces, experience design, fashion technology and wearables, smart materials , augmented and virtual realities , game design etc.,

Methodology followed

The course shall take an anti-disciplinary approach to search, question and critic the role of technology and data in design process and production. Hence, the assignments will be designed to accommodate applicants interested in all design allied fields.

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