Alternative Paths

Through this workshop we hope to provide an opportunity to explore parallel paths, identify what you enjoy doing and align it with what you are good at. “Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going.” ― Carol Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


Alternative Paths

  • Graphic Design

    Learn the art of creating mood board, style board, colour palette, graphic design and patterning ,

  • Content Writing

    Learn the skills of Reading, Rreflect on what you read, wRite out your thoughts and Repeat

  • Photography

    Learn the art of taking panoramic photographs and capture stories through still

  • Main Stream Architectural Practice

“ It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not Stop ” - Confucius

Many of us need to take time off at different points in our life or slow down for different reasons. It could be to care for children, maternity/paternity breaks, to rejuvenate our health, for professional side-stepping, to travel, to contemplate before jumping into the world of practice or just to pause and reflect. These phases in life are actually crucial and need to be viewed as empowering periods rather than downtimes, since they could just be preps for our next big leap. Irrespective of the reason for the break, this could be a time to pause, reflect and consolidate before you restart. This is also a good time to review the satisfaction quotient of your life thus far and change gears and directions too. The latter needs time which is what you may have the luxury of during this break.

There is no denying that women face a more uphill task than men in their careers. The foremost being that the career of a woman has at least a break or two for care-giving. More often women drop out of the profession being unable to cope. This is reflected in the disparity in the proportions of the female population in a college of architecture versus that in the profession particularly in positions of responsibility. We, at Ethos recognise this issue and are making small attempts to trigger a shift in these numbers towards a happier scenario. Our organisation is a living example of accepting the reality that women need and deserve their breaks in life with no repercussions.

Ethos, has through the years worked on empowering the fraternity with knowledge and awareness, with a focus on young minds, since we realise the difference an informed and empowered community can make to our profession. On completing 15 successful years, we launched ACEDGE to make ideas and expertise on Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Design accessible and affordable to the fraternity for life-long learning. You can start your journey of self-discovery and exploration through our online plugin to the live workshop at ACEDGE.

The Workshop:

This workshop is about exploration- exploring what you like, what you are good at. We have curated three short journeys of exploration- online. This expands the scope and reach of the workshop beyond the physical premises of the venue at Delhi. You, the explorer, will get the chance to explore opportunities of reimaging your career- both mainstream and alternative.

The Three journeys will be revealed on 12th Oct 2019.

The Explorers should come equipped with

1. Smart phone with good internet connection.

2. Gears- a scribble pad,

3. Weapons of creativity- pens and pencils and a

4. Free open mind to explore every vantage offered.

The Explorer will work on small tasks for each ‘Journey’ during the workshop.

However, reimagining your career is not a 3 hour affair! We encourage all explorers to extend your passion to a 100 day project. Float it on social media and we will also use the ACEDGE discussion board to form a close community of explorers on the same journey. The discussion board is a one-stop location to share your progress with your fellow explorers.

“ Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going .”

― Carol Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

The #100dayProject is a promise to self to give this new exploration a chance.

To nurture it through consistency and tenacity. Join this workshop to simply EXPLORE….