Architecture creates spaces - for us to experience them physically, by moving through them. We are in that exact time and space, enjoying a definite time and space- that of the built form. Each viewer and each user experiences it in the similar physical way – well almost!

Spaces designed for a ‘play’– are for us to experience them by being transported mentally into the ‘played’ time and space, using our imagination or memory or both – while we remain within the present capsule of time and space, that of the audience in a theatre. These 'play-spaces’ may be - fantastic, realistic, metaphoric, representational, stylized. They may constantly emerge and dissolve within seconds. Each viewer may experience these spaces in his/her own way. Each user’s (read performer’s) equation in the play with the space however remains the same – that which emerges from the narrative played.


Anubha Fatehpuria

Conceiver and Performer

Actor (since 1995), Architect (since 2001) – a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi’s prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan YuvaPuruskar 2013-14, The Telegraph SHE Awards 2019 and Shyamal Sen Smriti Puraskar 2007 for her theatre acting - has worked with directors like Habib Tanveer, Shyamanand Jalan, Rajinder Nath, Alyque Padamsee, Wlodzimierz Staniewski, Suman Mukhopadhyay, Vinay Sharma, Vikarm Iyengar, Purva Naresh – to name some. She received extensive theatre training from Late Shyamanand Jalan (2003-’10). She continues to learn the craft of acting & theatre-making under Vinay Sharma, 2006 onwards. Formerly, she was, Padatik Theatre Executive Co-director (2010 – ’16) & Core-group member/actor with Ranan Performance Collective (2002 – ’13). An actor with Padatik Theatre Kolkata since 2002, she is currently Director-Programmes. She has acted on screen for directors like Seema Pahwa, Prasoon Pandey, Aparna Sen, Bishnu D.Haldar, Anupam Misra, Kamlesh Soni, Vijay Veeraml & Marcel Odenbach. As an architect – a recipient of the Nagpur University Gold Medal (2001) for Bachelors in Architecture, graduating from LAD and SRP College for Women (Nagpur), Anubha interned at Ar. Balkrishna V Doshi’s SANGATH (Ahmedabad) and after graduating she worked under Ar. Dulal Mukherjee (Kolkata) for a brief period of time till 2002. Practicing independently thereafter, Anubha was also an in-house consultant architect with a real estate firm in Kolkata from 2003 to 2011. She has been a visiting faculty for Design at the Architecture Dept. at Jadavpur University. Since 2011 she has been running her own design studio, now in association with Ar Richa Bose – currently working on projects which include performing arts centres, residences, cafes, clinic/wellness centres amongst others – in various cities. Their design studio has received recognitions for green practices.

ACEDGE Summer UNschool

Spaces for Performance

Actions, mudras and expressions signify meaning and convey emotions; so does the stage. It is interesting to note that the small volume of 40ft x 32ft x 28ft is enough to convey different settings, backgrounds, and scenes of the act. How does one interpret and recreate these spaces? Are there preconceived notions that the audience internalizes? How does one rationalise the division and allotment of space on the stage? How does imagination of the audiences support build the perception of space? In the end, the lecture will discuss the take ways from Natya shashtra that have influenced Architect Fatehpuria's practice of design

Spotlight take-aways

  • Unravel the spatial interpretation of the stage in performing arts

  • Develop understanding of cross disciplinary thinking process

  • Explore an alternative medium of communication

Objective for the course

The course aims at exploring the similarities of Natyashashtra and Vastushashtra. 

Framework of the course

The basic framework for the course pivots on spatial imagination and illusions created during a performance

Methodology followed

The course follows an action based philosophy. Through examples from previous performances, Architect Fatehpuria will demonstrate the rasas  

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