Live webinars from 12th May - 30th June 2019. This will be followed by 2 months (July/August) of an art project - submission for which will be on/before 31st August, 2019. Jury and Exhibition in September at a prestigious Art Gallery in Bangalore

Course Outline

Session 1:  

What is Art?

Who is an Artist? 

What is Art Practice? 

Different kinds of Art Practices. 

The interstice of Architecture, Art, Craft and Design


Output from participants - Self-analysis Quiz (a) Why do you want to become an Artist? (b) Do you have a technique or material you enjoy working with? (c) Can you show some of your work?


Session 2: 

Summarizing / Reviewing the Output the Participants from Week 1

Learning from Historical and Contemporary Personalities : Cross-disciplinary Artist-Architects, Designer-Artists, Craftsperson-Artists (Indian and Global examples)

How to start and sustain an Art Practice


Output from Participants - Identifying one cross-disciplinary artist each participant is inspired by and why?


Session 3: 

Summarizing / Reviewing the Output the Participants from Week 2

Methods, Materials, Modalities and Mediums

What is your Art?

What is your take on Art?

Curator/Writer and Art Critic Rahul Kumar shares his insights on what passes muster as Art and what doesn’t.


Session 4: 

What is the Art Market?

Who buys Art?

Who are the stakeholders in the Art Market?

How to Learn more about the Art World?


Session 5: 

International artist-architects Wu Wai Chung and Jakub Novak share their insights on Art-Practice, its challenges and joys.

Art Practice as Self-Analysis, Meditation and Therapy


Session 6

How to Price your Art?

How to Brand your Art?

How to Market your Art?

How to Exhibit your Art?

How to Sell your Art?


Output from Participants : Identifying one national and one international gallery which would be a good fit for their art



Session 7

Setting-Up an Artist’s Studio

Building a Synergetic Team around your Art Practice

Art Grants and Art Prizes

IPR and Legal Issues

How to Write Contracts

How to Negotiate Prices 

How to Raise Invoices and Pay Taxes

Transporting , Shipping and Insurance of Art Works



Session 8

Introduction to an Art Brief / Project

The Critique and Review Process

The Jury Process

Invited Guest : Gallerist who will exhibit your work as a conclusion to Course/Program 


Output from participants : Identifying the Work they would like to create individually or in pairs. Submitting their proposals for review and feedback. 

Course Outcomes

  • Attitude

    Know whom to meet? How to create a brand? How to sell your art? and What it takes to become a successful artist?

  • Knowledge

    Understand the Artist within you. Learn about your medium. What are the different career options in Art? How can Art be a second / parallel career? Where to begin? What to do? How to hone one’s skills and stand out from the crowd

  • Skills

    Learn how to plan, to chalk out medium terms goals and how to get there. Get Checklists to work with.


Ankon Mitra


Ankon Mitra is an architect, landscape designer and pioneer of Origami in India. He is Director (Landscape and Art Installations) at Hexagramm Design Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi. Through the initiative - Oritecture, his Studio has taken the art and craft of Origami to materials well beyond paper. The essence of Oritecture is the logic, science, mathematics and art of folding, and the brand encompasses diverse products and solutions such as lighting, tableware, planters, furniture, wall and ceiling coverings, rugs, sculptures, toys, as also accessories and jewelry. He has taught Origami Architectonics and its applications at I.I.Ts, N.I.D, N.I.F.Ts, S.P.As in India and a number of colleges abroad. Recipient of the All-India Gold Medal for Sculpture in 2018, he has shown his work at exhibitions in India, Italy, U.K and Singapore. He counts among his clientele the current Finance Minister of India,Toyota Lexus, the APL Apollo Group, Hotel St. Regis and the Emami Foundation. A member of the British Origami Society, Origami USA, the Sculpture Network in Europe and the Paper Artist's Collective Worldwide, he has spoken at TEDx events and is currently developing programs to incorporate folding as a hands-on learning tool in schools and colleges all over India.

Other Mentors

Wu Wai Chung

Chung is are in different mediums and exhibits in Hong Kong and internationally. Her award-winning sculptures and public art projects include : “The Energy Flow”, a winning proposal in a competition organised by the Hong Kong Government; “No More Message”, is an award winning sculpture exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca Biennale Italy and received the Outdoor Artist Award in 2018; She  has been selected as an artist to exhibit her artworks in Moscow, Nice, Ghana, and Shanghai. Wai Chung is also the founder of SOTI Design Studio, a multi-disciplinary practice that focuses on innovative projects. 

 Jakub Novak

As a visual artist with a background in architecture, Jakub Novak is fascinated by parametric design, classical geometry, architectural composition and crystallography. He embraces paper as an universal medium, very potent in its versatility. His process is a two-fold method the first stage of which is the design phase dwelling in the nearly limitless virtual environment. He then creates the pieces meticulously by hand realizing the designs with his physical and skill limits. What he emphasizes most about his art - independent art based on strong values. Above all he values connection - to oneself and to others. He needs to discover, learn, practice and get better at what he does to attain precision and lasting quality, in order to create work that he can be proud of. He has a strong need for freedom, to master time, choose priorities and act upon them accordingly. Finally, he seeks the joy of life and happiness coming from within. Therefore he tries to stay true to his values and use his time wisely for the benefit of people around him. Jakub Novak has two young sons and lives and works in Brno, the Czech Republic. 

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar lived a parallel life juggling a corporate career and his arts practice for a very long time. His love for arts began when he saw a potter demonstrating 23 years ago. He entered the corporate world just 18 years back, when he was coerced by his family to get a ‘life’. He is a Fulbright Scholar with a Masters in Arts from USA and also a Charles Wallace fellow. A recipient of scholarships from the India Foundation for the Arts and the Ministry of Culture (Government of India), his works have been auctioned at Sotheby’s London and are part of significant collections, including the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Rahul was the founding team member and businesses lead of an art e-commerce venture incubated by NDTV, where he also co-anchored an art programme for NDTV-Prime. Safely out-of-the-rat-race, he is now living his dream, writing on the visual arts, curating art shows and residencies. He is the Consulting Editor with Arts Illustrated and STIR and a writer for MINT Lounge. He has occasionally contributed to Canvas magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Scroll, as well.

Who should take this course

  • Students of Architecture, Design and any other discipline who have an artist hidden within them or an artistic passion waiting to be ignited.

  • Interior Designers / 3 Year- Diploma-Holders / Crafts-persons and Artisans

  • Early or Mid-career architects / designers who already have some clarity about their medium and technique of artistic practice, but need inputs to begin converting a hobby into a second profession.

  • Architects / Designers who want to bring a significant element of art into their design/architectural practice and are looking for strategies/methods/ collaborations to be able to do this.

  • Anybody inquisitive to learn about how the art world works.

  • Architects already working as Artists in India who seek to take their work to an International audience

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