Hospital and Healthcare facilities

What is this Typology Special Studio about?

In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare infrastructure has been in the spotlight. This design studio will help you ideate on quick and efficient design solutions for healthcare and also align with the speciality of your studio. With Ar. Martin Fiset, we will identify different design approaches, inspire creative solutions, and encourage the incorporation of technology while addressing the issues in healthcare design.  

If your college's AD studio intends to reimagine Spaces for Healing and wants to explore this online with other colleges and faculty across the country, do join this studio and hop on the learning journey planned by  Ar. Martin Fiset for your college.

The course has is a recording from a live collaborative studio where 10 of the leading Institutions in Architecture game together online to design hospitals.

To know more about our past studio click here.

About the Mentor


Martin Fiset is a Healthcare Facilities Planning and Design Consultant with an experience of over 50 years in Healthcare Architecture. He established Fiset Hospiconsult Inc. in 1998 and has worked extensively on aspects of the healthcare projects - Programming and Planning consultant for Medanta Patna Hospital in Patna and Medanta Lucknow Hospital in Lucknow, to name a few.  He also worked as a planning consultant for upgrading Medanta Medicity Hospitals in Ranchi and Indore, alongside being an Advisor to DM Healthcare for Aster MedCity, Kochi, Kerala.

Topics Covered

 Business Plan and Clinical Plan

 Master Program and Site Analysis 

Block Schematics and Functional Programme

 Final Design | MEP


Special lecture by Er. Ashish Rakheja on MEP in Hospitals

 Dr. Nilesh Gupta, COO of Evercare Hospital, Chattogram, Bangladesh on User Experience

Representation drawings communication of the design 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Collaborative Studio

    • Hello and Welcome!

  • 2


    • Video: Introductory Seminar

    • Reference

  • 3

    Clinical and Business Plan

    • Seminar 1: Business Plan

    • Seminar 2: Clinical Plan

    • Presentations for Reference

    • Live Recording - Session 1

    • Exploration 1

  • 4

    Master Programme and Site Analysis

    • Seminar 3: Master Programme

    • Seminar 4: Site Evaluation/Analysis

    • Presentations for Reference

    • Live Recording - Session 2

    • Exploration 2: Site Analysis

  • 5

    Block Schematics and Functional Programme

    • Seminar 5: Block Schematics

    • Seminar 6: Functional & Space Programme

    • Updated: Presentations for Reference

    • Live Recording - Session 3

    • Exploration: Case Study

  • 6

    Final Design & MEP

    • Seminar 7: Schematic and Final Design

    • Presentations for Reference

    • Live Recording - Includes lecture by Er. Ashish Rakheja

    • Exploration: Area Programme and Zoning

  • 7

    Session with Dr. Nilesh Gupta

    • Seminar 8: Construction and Commissioning

    • Presentation for Reference

    • Live Recording - Session 6- Interaction with a Doctor

  • 8

    Interaction with Faculty and Students

    • Room 1

    • Room 2

    • Room 3

    • Room 5

    • Room 6

    • Room 7

    • Room 8

    • Room 9

  • 9

    Before we bid Adieu

    • Quick Survey

    • How to get your Certificate

    • Acedge Membership

    • Check out Ace the Typology

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