Change your Design Career with the Art of Business Development in Design

Are you looking to uplift your design career?
Are you tired of the same monotonous design job and want to establish yourself as a design entrepreneur?
Are you interested to learn the practicalities of the industry, beyond just design? 

At some point, we all have wanted to become our own boss. To be an entrepreneur, or be able to start our firm or just lead a business in a substantial capacity! But the practicality of starting one’s practice is a different reality all together.

Every year, around 75% of startups fail. As designers, we are aware of our skills as creators and are trained to design but how to convert those skills into business is a huge leap that is tough to master! But If you’re aware of what needs to be done, then you are just a step away from becoming a young entrepreneur.

Join this 3 Day, 7 Step Course, that will help you learn and comprehend the concept of Business Intelligence, by adding gravitas and modernity from a designer’s point of view. Personal attention will be given to every student through 1-1 Interaction with the mentor, which will help them build their Design Career & Business.

Dates: 28th, 29th, 30th May 2021
Time: 4 PM - 6 PM

Course Takeaways

  • Understand how to structure day-to-day tasks, on how to make targets & achieve goals.

Gain insights & understand target audience through research methods.

  • Data analysis & data mining through creative and critical thinking.

Learn how to build and nurture business relationships.

  • Get to know how to close deals and gain social intelligence skills.

Understand how to create a word-of-mouth business development path to boost your design business.

Who should take this course?

  • Freshers in Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering field

  • Professionals with 5+ Years experience

  • Start ups who wish to set up their practice

Explore the World of Business Development

Limited Seats | Course will be conducted in English

Course Outline

Day 1: 28th May 2021, Friday

  1. Introductions & Course Overview  
  2. 3 of the 7 chapters, ‘No one can sell better than you', ‘Know your strength to know your client’ and ‘Know your community will be taught and discussed in detail.
  3. Exercise 1 - Of the list provided during the session, research on the sector/subject of the participants choice

Day 2: 29th May 2021, Saturday

  1. Interactive Session on Exercise 1. Discussing the different inputs for better exchange and knowledge sharing
  2. Chapter 4, Introduction to Mapping, and Chapter 5, Data is Everything will be discussed.
  3. Exercise 2 on cold calls and visits. The data collected in the last two sessions from research and physical assignment to be tabulated in a proper front in Microsoft Excel.  

Day 3: 30th May 2021, Sunday

  1. Interactive Session on Exercise 2. Discussing the different inputs for better exchange and knowledge sharing
  2. The last two chapters, ‘Data to Deal’ and ‘The Pitch’ will be discussed.

Course Mentor

Payal Makwana
Instagram | LinkedIn

Consultant, 7Nirvana | Coach, Emerging Creativity

Payal Makwana has 20+ years of experience in the field of Design & Build in all sectors of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, etc.

Having done Design & Business Development for 20+ years with the potential closure of up to 100 CR annually in turnkey & consultancy projects, she has now ventured into teaching & is collaborating with the Design Community to impart her knowledge & experience to fellow designers. She believes in Empowering every Designer and making them realize their potential.

She understands the importance of business intelligence in one's career and through 7Nirvana, she intends to impart her expertise to the upcoming Design Entrepreneurs with the right Practice, Environment, and Mentorship.


“This course has helped me view our profession with a whole new perspective. It made me realise the power I hold as an architect and now I feel more confident about myself. The content of the course was so well laid out and made me realise the areas I need to work more on. The way Ms Payal delivers a point across with confidence and conviction itself has inspired me to become the personality I want to be.”

Preethi Murali, Design Entrepreneur

“It was great to learn tools and techniques on how one can be confident while pitching their ideas to clients. The learnings on data collection were very helpful. Ms Payal, you have empowered the entrepreneur in me.”

Ar. Cheshta Papneja

“A very well curated and insightful program, something that every aspiring design entrepreneur needs no matter who - be it beginner or someone already in business. Got to understand design and business development from a new perspective.”

Simen Dodhia, Design Entrepreneur

“I found the training sessions with Ms. Payal really helpful. A experienced professional who has extensive knowledge to share with others when to comes to business development, with an uncanny ability to ask the right questions. Thank you very much for all the efforts.”

Haresh Chandler, MEP Consultant with 20+ Years of Experience


  • Who should enrol for this course?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Will recordings be provided

    No recordings will be available. Since this is a live course, we would like you to be fully invested in the sessions and learn through interactionIs

  • Will I get a certificate at the end of the course

    Yes! Since this is a certified course, you will get a token of completion and excellence that will add value to your CV and resume

  • Will I get the opportunity to interact with the mentor?

    Yes. This one-on-one course allows you the unique opportunity to personalize the sessions for yourself and interact with an eminent name in the field, our esteemed mentor, Payal Makwana.

  • When do I need to pay the fees?

    We will contact you with further details shortly after you fill-up the form

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