SJK Architects

Symphony of Multiple Players

Design and execution of a project is like a complex symphony – it takes a whole orchestra of professionals and stakeholders- clients, consultants, contractors, vendors, artisans and workers, playing in unison and harmony to put it together. On 25th July 2020, Principal Architect Shimul Javeri Kadri talked about the design process of 'Hotel at Bodhgaya', along with Design Directors Vaishali Shankar, Roshni Kshirsagar and Senior Architect Bhavin Patel.

Studio Lotus

The Future of Building | How Context Shapes Architecture

On November 5th, 2020, Principal Architect, Sidhartha Talwar, and Tead Leads, Anusha Pulapaka and Ansel Colaco talked about their process of design. Exploring the role and significance of context in driving architecture that is adaptive, sustainable, and resilient.

Whose Scope is it?

Bhavin Patel’s blog, based on his time at SJK Architects, talks about the collaboration between multiple players in Architecture with interesting parallels from Hindi cinema.