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Venturing into postgraduate studies abroad? Feeling lost in the process? Don't worry, we've got your back. Join our community by clicking 'FREE SIGNUP TO COMMUNITY', and access live sessions where experts answer quires on proceess of application and other requirements. But wait, there's more! Click 'SIGN UP FOR MORE' to delve deeper. Enroll in our comprehensive course bundle offering recording of live sessions, and additional resources to navigate your postgrad pursuit abroad successfully. Let's navigate through this journey together. Join us for solutions, support, and invaluable resources


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Our Community Speaks

“ArchitecturaLoom's PG Abroad Community provided me with invaluable insights and advice on pursuing postgraduate studies abroad. The discussions around application processes, scholarships, and cultural adjustments were incredibly helpful. I applied the shared wisdom to my journey, and I am now thriving in the Master's program at the University of Melbourne. Joining this community is like having a personal guide for your international academic adventure!”

Siddharth Rao

“Embarking on the journey of postgraduate studies abroad can be daunting, but ArchitecturaLoom's PG Abroad Community made it a breeze. The community's discussions on university choices, application strategies, and firsthand experiences gave me the confidence to pursue my Master's at ETH Zurich. The guidance I received was instrumental in navigating the complexities of international admissions, and I am now enjoying a fulfilling academic experience in Switzerland.”

Priya Kapoor

“I can't stress enough how ArchitecturaLoom's PG Abroad Community played a pivotal role in shaping my decision to pursue a Master's degree overseas. The community's insights into selecting the right university, understanding admission requirements, and tips for acclimating to a new culture were eye-opening. Armed with this knowledge, I successfully secured a spot at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. ArchitecturaLoom truly empowered me to make informed decisions and embark on this life-changing academic journey.”

Kashfa Ali