Your Duties as a Designer and some Constitutional Rights

Sensitive design should not remain a concept or a novel idea, but should instead be intrinsic to design process. This course has two modules, Know your Rights by Vivel talks about the rights of women at colleges, workplaces and even homes; and Designers, Know your Duties focuses on design processes and ideas for gender-neutral spaces. Through this course you will learn, internalize and understand inclusive and gender-sensitive design.

What will this course help you do?

  • Understand

    Know the rights secured and guaranteed by the Constutution. Also, know your duties for barrier-free inclusive spaces.

  • Analyze

    Analyze your own context, thought processes and methodologies and how you can apply the knowledge you have gained

  • Build

    Design and build more sensitive and inclusive architecture

Designers, Know Your Duties

A supplementary module to Ab Samjhauta Nahin

Join Michael Foley in this live studio as he explores and elaborates the concepts of gender neutral, sensitive and universal architecture. Don't just observe, participate! Fill in the form to know how

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  • Who should take this course?

    This bundle is for everyone who wishes to know their rights and design better spaces for everyone. Whether you are a college student, or a professional, this will certainly benefit you

  • How can colleges/institutes take up this course?

    This bundle can be taken up as an elective in colleges. Know Your Rights and Designers Know Your Duties is together a one-credit course. The special module by Michael Foley is an additional 1 credit. Together, it can function as a two-credit elective for students, something which is bound to make them better members of society and better designers.

  • How can corporate offices take up this course?

    The matter of these courses is important for students and professionals alike. Corporate offices can take it up as a workshop or a seminar or even give the material to the members of the office as self-learning material