5 Things to Learn this Summer

Learn every practical insight needed to build and construct after you finalise your design concept.

This Acedge Summer School journey begins after your conceptual design ends. Start with Computational inputs for Environmental analysis, learn presentation skills to communicate your design and finally detail out an execution plan for your project with Good-for-Construction drawings, Estimation and Rate Analysis. Below are 5 things you can learn this summer with us.

1. Green Computing and Environmental Analysis

A beginner's course in Rhino, GH and other plugins

Do you think SketchUp is quick and convenient but not resourceful enough for environmental analysis? Upskill and learn computation and environmental analysis through tools like Ladybug and Honey Bee with SketchUp as the starting point.

2. Learn Generative Designs using AI

A basic introduction to coding and AI

Trial and error. Create and explore iterations generated through Artificial Intelligence (AI) after environmental analysis of your primary design. Of course, there are always tight deadlines and budgets throughout any project, with the client often in a hurry and willing to devote limited time to thinking about every possible combination or the precise appropriateness of each decision. This stage is where, increasingly, the concept of Generative Design has appeared in architecture.

3. Learn to create Presentations that Impress

Course is self-paced with Live interactions to simplify presentation boards

Learn and create thoughtful narratives & infographics for your design and ideas. We will guide you to generate a visual vocabulary, to interpret information graphically through a simple yet effective storytelling exercise. Infographics, rather than plain text, are more effective in supporting emotional connection and empathic communication in your presentations.

4. Get guidance and mentorship for technical aspects

Project discussions with SJK Architects- Mumbai and Studio Naqshbandi- Auroville

Learn from some of the best practices in India. Projects will be showcased and practical insights will be shared on project life cycles, detailing, making Good-for-Construction drawings, BOQ, Tenders, Rate analysis and final on-ground execution.

5. Dont forget the Calculations

Basics of BOQ

This course is for architecture and interior design students and young professionals, to help them confidently undertake projects and get a better grip over practical aspects like Contract/Working Drawings, Estimation and Costing. It covers topics like estimation, budgeting, units and formats for measuring quantities, preparing BOQs, rate analysis, etc. It also details the flow of work and project cycles for for selected architecture, interior, and landscape projects.

Acedge Summer School

In this Acedge Summer School we will be teaching you on-ground lessons to bring a project closer to its reality. We have collaborated with experienced practitioners who will share their expertise with you. The Summer School 2022 is 3 fold- the first course focuses on computation and environmental analysis through tools like Ladybug and Honey Bee with SketchUp as the starting point. This course will be mentored by Ar. Piyush Prajapati- Dubai. The second course will help you get a better grip on practical aspects like Good-for-Construction Drawings, BOQ, Detailing, Estimation, and Rate Analysis with real-life project demonstrations from SJK Architects- Mumbai & Studio Naqshbandi-Auroville and guidance from Prachi Bafna- Mumbai. And to top it all the third course on Presentation techniques will share tips and fundamentals on making effective and visually balanced presentation boards to express your design or idea. This course is mentored by Ar Pulkit Gupta- Mumbai and Ar Gary Gilson- Foster + Partners, London. We at team Ethos are thrilled to launch Summer School 2022 and hope you are all excited too! What are you waiting for come forward and apply!

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  • Will admissions to the Summer School only be through the Application form?

    If all seats get filled by applicants the summer school will close slots. Else the course will be opened for direct enrollment after 5th May 2021.

  • Why is there a deposit for Full Scholarship?

    The deposit is entirely refundable. The deposit is the simplest way we know to ensure dedication. The criteria for refund are 100% attendance and submission of all assignments (marks are not the criterion)

  • What will happen if we miss a class?

    Recordings are available for all classes, however, attendance will affect your chances of getting the Aced it certificate! Our Attendance & Assignment criteria for Gold Acedge It Certificate are at least 70% attendance and at least 50% score in assignments.

  • When will you let us know about the results of the application?

    We will intimate the results on 8th May and the invited participants will have to follow the admission procedure before 15th May 2021.