Multi-Disciplinary Lessons for Design

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Festivals are larger than life celebrations that help in breaking the monotony of our everyday existence, but in the wake of the ongoing pandemic this has changed. With restricted public outings, we are confined to our homes altering  many things that bring us happiness and pleasure. Moreover,  ‘College from Home’ and ‘Work from Home’ is making it tough to structure our days and invest in activities that may interest us otherwise. Have we forgotten to be curious? To wonder ? Life seems to be passing by in a blink of an eye without anything eventful to gain from.

So to make your days remarkable, Acedge brings to you a wealth of multidisciplinary self paced courses that could be accessed by learners for the rest of their lives. It will help you structure your day by setting small achievable learning milestones.

Enrol in any of these seven courses curated by members of our Knowledge Society on Acedge. Individual learners may join it as a self-paced course and institutions are encouraged to register it as an elective or additional course at discounted prices. 

This festive season enroll into a Certified Course with ACEGDE.

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Certified Courses

The bundle consists of the following 7 certified self-paced courses. You can buy these courses individually by clicking the link below.

1. Think Sustainable

Environment matters, but so does Economy! In this conundrum of environment and economics, understand the role of architecture and planning by Dr. Pleasa Serin Abraham and Rohit Pansare through a comprehensive 9 module self paced course.

2. Explore Architectural History

Let’s revisit history and study the theories behind Chaukhat, Darwaza and Jharokha. Enroll in the 5 module self-paced course by Dr Anuradha Chatterjee on the 'Public Life of Threshold Elements in Historic Buildings' that explores the fundamentals of architecture history and research.

3. Understand Human Behaviour

Unravel the mystery of Human behaviour to discover better designs with Ar. Sonam Ambe. Enroll in ‘Psychology Behind Designs’ - an 8 module self paced course that focuses on the design of spaces from the perspective of Human emotions, actions and reactions.

4. Think Sociology

Lockdown has helped us understand the importance of social interactions in our daily life. Now let us understand the theories of Sociology in Urban Planning. Join this 5 module self paced course by Dr. Binti Singh and Ar. Abhishek Bohara and enable a holistic understanding of the contemporary urban situation and its complexities.

5. Checklist for Site Analysis

In times of rapid urbanisation and globalization, let’s pause and understand the natural features/layers which form an integral part of site analysis and site planning. Join Site Planning and Natural Factors, an 8 module self-paced course by Ar Devayani Deshmukh Upasani.

6. Understanding Materials

Material, texture, surface orchestrate the use and aesthetics of design. Explore it’s usage as a starting point with Ar. Mahesh Radhakrishnan as he teaches how ‘materials’ can be used to design a structure.

7. Think Tourism

A growing industry which suffered major setbacks post COVID, tourism is drastically changing the landscape of some popular destinations. Want to get a better understanding of tourism, the effects it has on the environment, economy and local communities? This 7 module self paced course by Ar. Nikita Verma is just for you.

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