In the past year there has been a paradigm shift in the way the world has been working and learning. The second wave of COVID has changed many priorities. If you can take time out for yourself this Summer to upskill and take on new ventures, we have some learning opportunities for you. This summer, Acedge brings you carefully curated multi-faceted architecture and business courses which will exhilarate the engineer, designer, business owner and architect within you. Stay connected and join a global community of like-minded individuals from varied fields and upgrade your software, business and architecture knowledge and skills.

3 things you can do online this summer

1. Get tech-savvy

Once or twice, every architect has conceptualised a beautiful organically shaped parametric form, and changed the design completely because it has been too complicated to get it to a built form. We have got just the right course for you. Learn how to develop your idea from a thought to a complete set of data required to build with Grasshopper and Rhino softwares. Don't let your idea take a backseat. Learn 3d modelling with the intention of building your idea. Build the skills to translate your brainchild from paper to reality.

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2. Fulfill your business dreams

Is being an entrepreneur becoming a little overwhelming because there are alot of things to take care of single handed? Having your own Architecture or design practice can be a little daunting. But we have got the help you need. Take a breath and enrol for this workshop that will teach you all about business development, clients and organizing your business. You have the idea and mind to create something beautiful. Let us equip you with the arsenal to make it as big as you aspire it to be.

3. Do your bit to empower a community

What is earth architecture? How do we build using earth architecture? For the individuals who have this question and the samaritans who want to do their part to help in the empowerment of local communities and artisans, a course that takes you on a journey to explore earth architecture to design and build along with Hunnarshala, an organisation that has become the go to name for earth architecture for two decades. Learn sustainable, vernacular, disaster housing from the best.

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