Community Offerings

Sense N Sensibility (SNS) is an offering to the fraternity where we invite Colleges to broadcast Stalwarts in the field of architecture and allied fields as they speak to young minds in their colleges LIVE. You can broadcast SNS for FREE. Click on the course Sense N Sensibility image below and register your college. We also offer ACED Talks showcasing young talent in Practice and Pedagogy.

Offerings by ACEDGE

  • 1. Broadcast Lectures

    Broadcast Specialization series on Material, Technology, Concept, Techniques, and Systems and Practical Insights specific to typology to young minds through an Auditorium Broadcast.

  • 2. Membership

    Through the Additional Learning Through (ALT- ACEDGE) you have access to year-wise curated bundles put together to support, further enrich and supplement the body of knowledge that the students have garnered over the years in college.

  • 3. Studio Plugins | Electives

    Self-paced courses and e-electives that easily plug-in to your Architecture Design, Construction and technology, Working Drawing studios and will surely not take working hours from your timetable but add value to learning.

1. Broadcast Lectures

Broadcast these lectures at your college and even access past recordings through ACEDGE's Dashboard. We are offering lectures on these topics by experts until May 2020. LIVE Broadcast: (Duration: 1 hour) Cost for 4 Lectures is 10000 at cost of Rs 2500 per lecture and for the entire package is Rs 13500 at cost of Rs 2250 per Lecture. If you cant make it for the LIVE sessions you can Access recording: Cost for 4 Lectures is 8000 at cost of Rs 2000 per recorded lecture and for the entire package is Rs 10500 at cost of Rs 1750 per recorded Lecture. Write to for customisation.

  • Biophilic Architecture

  • Alternative systems - Against the Mainstream Tide!

  • Climate Responsive Architecture

  • Product Design

  • Setting and Landscape in Design

  • Space Syntax

Membership details

Colleges can also curate courses and upload them on ACEDGE for posterity. Get your best faculty to MAKE a course on ACEDGE and certify it. Write to if you are interested to know more.

3.1 Studio Plugins

These are self-paced courses that your studio can enroll in for focused learning. This is a group enrollment (>20 students) but students will get individual access to the content. The course is available as an instructional recording on ACEDGE. Students can go through the recording, and get additional insights from the mentor. Some plug-ins are available with active mentorships. Click on each course to know its details

Details for Studio Plugins

3.2 Electives we can curate for you

Relieve yourself from the logistical issues involved in offering multiple elective courses to suit student demand, especially when the number of students opting for each such course is not very high. Do not limit the options for your students.....just ACEDGE it!

We have built associations with eminent personalities in the design fraternity for students to learn from the best. Bring more choices to your studio and also increase inter school interaction as these courses would be taken up by students from different institutions at the same time. The cost of these elective, as customised to your need, will vary between Rs 35,000-70,000 for a batch of 40 students. 


Register here or write to "" and we will connect with you to support your pedagogical aspirations