Work hard, play harder! Let's play our way through the most important project of your architectural degree

This course is a game where each player creates an avatar in this fantasy world. In this version, you can be any architect or any other allied expert; you will choose your design skills, perspective, and technical expertise accordingly! Together, the Dungeon Master (us at Ethos) and you will create an exciting story where your bold adventures confront architectural problems to solve the mission as a team and figure your way to the final destination in college- THE GREATEST THESIS PROJECT EVER!

Thesis is a game!

There are parallels between completing your thesis and playing a game. Change your outlook towards thesis through gamification!

  • Strategy

    Unlike your previous semesters, the thesis requires you to introspect and analyse your personal interests, plus points, and strategise your game ahead. This is your passion project and you can steer the wheel in the direction best for you. The game of Dungeons N Dragons similarly requires you to self-introspect, analyse and strategise.

  • Referee

    Like any other game, the thesis also has a referee/umpire. Yes! The juror. So let's play this game to understand the referee's PoV and know how to pitch our thesis perfectly to them. Your thesis may be on-point and you may have poured all your hard work and efforts into it but the deliverance of the thesis is the game-changer.

  • Coach

    We argue with them, we follow them, we get mentored by them. They are none other than our Thesis Guides! We cannot do without them, they are there for us. Join this game of DnD and Ethos presents to you a plethora of Bonus Material in the form of recorded sessions by various experts.


20th May
11 AM - 1 PM
Session 01 
Lenses for designing 
21st May 
11 AM - 12 PM
Session 02
Pre-design & Topic Selection 
21st May 
12 PM - 1PM 
Session 03
Case studies & research
22nd May 
7.30 - 8.30 PM 
Session 04 
Site-selection & Analysis 
22nd May
8.30 - 9.30 PM 
Session 05 
Verbal Reasoning and Communication
23rd May 
7.30 - 8.30 PM
Session 06 
Concept Development and Visual Representation 
23rd May 
8.30 - 9.30 PM 
Session 07 
Literature Review and Abstract 
24th May
7.30 - 8.30 PM 
Session 08 
Design Review and Methodology 
24th May 
8.30 - 9.30 PM
Session 09


You can experience this game and your thesis journey with us in four different ways. Which path will you choose? Join as an Observer, you won't play the game but you will learn the tricks. The best would be to join as a player and play the game with us. Choose your path wisely! 
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Observer + Bonus       2000/- |     Click Here and Get Started Now!

Player                              4000/- |     Click Here and Get Started Now!

Player + Bonus             5000/- |     Click Here and Get Started Now!

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Thesis Topics to Explore

Museums | Exhibitions | Hotels | Institutions | Housing | Airports | Hospitals | Everything under the Sun

What are the primary course takeaways?

  • Discover personal strengths/weaknesses (SWOT analysis) while building your avatar for the game

  • Know how to produce a thesis* that can later take you to international competitions**, grants and other opportunities

  • Understand the audience or juror’s perspective and know how to pitch your thesis the right way

  • Enhance decision-making skills, team-work and comprehensive learning of basic human psychology

  • Learn how to handle constructive criticism in the right manner and convert those into your strengths

  • How to identify problems before knowing “what to solve”

  • Cultivate better design-thinking & concept-development abilities

What will we do in this workshop?

  • Make thesis fun while you chart your path with others in the same boat

  • Improve your mental health and cognitive thinking

  • Develop your social-emotional skills, build confidence, understand strategic foresight, and learn to express yourselves–while working as a team

  • Play and learn!

    * The program is divided into two parts. Gamifying the thesis process and one-on-one guidance once that will happen closer to your thesis date (only for those who participate as players in the game, not observers). During this workshop, we will only focus on the design process and gamify it. We WILL NOT be designing for your specific project, brief, or site, but learn to apply it for your thesis through the game.

    ** If your thesis aligns with our competitions like Transparence , AYDA etc., we will directly nominate you for the competitions. If it aligns with the goals of any of our future grants, 

Bonus Material on Literature Review and Abstract worth 2200/- (included in your package)


Sonam Ambe

Principal, Courses & Content

Principal at Ethos, Sonam Ambe, aims to make learning design concepts fun! Sonam was awarded with the MASA Best Teachers Award in 2016 and has received many accolades including a Ministry of Culture Grant, Sahapedia-UNESCO fellowship and the Saint Gobain Scholarship. Having authored/edited over five books namely, Investigative Biomimicry, The Handbook of Design Tips, The Pinguli Arts, Panvel and The Other Mahabaleshwar, Sonam believes the best way to learn is through play and provocation.

Finish in style

Finish your Architectural School experience in style, be a big-game player!